Timothy Thurston
Timothy is from Sydney, Australia. He is an avid nature lover, and has spent many years teaching about heritage to children of all ages. He studied environmental science at the University of New South Wales.

He has experience writing case studies for the national education system for Australia. His program has now been put into all schools in the state. He has worked in education for over ten years throughout Australia and Hong Kong.

He is regarded as a very capable teacher who engages his class well with enthusiasm and experience. His students grow fond of his classes quickly and is a very talented member of the Lorna Whiston team.

Timothy老師來自澳洲悉尼。他非常熱愛大自然, 於新南威爾斯大學修讀環境科學,擁有多年教授兒童自然文化遺產的經驗。


Timothy 老師具備實力,以熱誠及經驗令課堂有效率,成效顯著,學生很快愛上他的課堂,是Lorna Whiston團隊不可或缺的一員。
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