Matthew Nicholls
Head Teacher
Matthew comes from a beautiful, historical village nestled in the South West of the United Kingdom. He loves history and the natural world.

He studied and achieved a 2:1 B.A. (Hons) degree in History and is also holder of a Cambridge CELTA award. After working for a short time in the centre of London, he elected to move to Hong Kong to pursue a career in teaching. He has always thoroughly enjoyed working with young people.

He has taught a large range of ages in Hong Kong over the last seven years and is experienced at delivering consistently high quality learning experiences to his students. His wit, fair-mindedness and positivity are well known to people around him as his continues his duty of responsibility at Lorna Whiston Hong Kong.



過去七年,Matthew老師在香港教導過不同年紀的學生,擅於向學生傳遞高質素的學習體驗。他繼續盡責地履行在Lorna Whiston的工作的同時,身邊的人亦感受到他的幽默、公正及積極性。

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