Lorna Whiston
Founder &
Joint Managing Director
I have been working with children for all of my adult life. As a young teacher, I taught in the UK before coming to Malaysia and Singapore to teach with the British Armed Forces. Later I taught at International Schools in Singapore and became a School Principal in 1971.

In 1980, I opened the first Lorna Whiston Study Centre with the aim of improving the standard of English language among Singaporean students. Over the years, the demand for quality English language programmes has grown and so has our company: we now have three English language centres in Singapore, together with two Speech and Drama Centres and our very own bi-lingual Pre-School. Furthermore we have an English Language Centre in Kuala Lumpur and we co-run a bilingual kindergarten in Shenyang, China.

Our study centres teachers are all native English speakers with graduate qualifications from their home countries. They approach language teaching in a creative, interactive way where the students are free from pressure and can enjoy learning.

We continually revise and update our syllabus to keep abreast of new guidelines set down by the Ministry of Education. This ensures that our programmes are fresh and exciting and that our students are more likely to achieve better grades in their school exams.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we spare no expense to ensure that our students get the very best in terms of educational opportunities.


1980年,我開設了首間Lorna Whiston教學中心,致力改善新加坡學生的英語水平。過去多年來,大家對高質素英語課程的需求增加,因此現在我們在新加坡有三間英語中心、兩間演講及戲劇中心和我們自己的雙語幼稚園。此外,我們在吉隆坡開設了一所英語中心。而在中國瀋陽,我們亦協辦了一所雙語幼稚園。




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