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本校學生可透過本校報考Trinity Young Performers Certificates。 本校舍亦是聖三一(Trinity)註冊考試場地。

課程旨在增強孩子的自信心,為他們日後作英語演講者和表演者奠定重要的根基。每位孩子都是獨一無二的,自信心和學習能力都各有不同。導師對較害羞的孩子,會多鼓勵他們積極參與課堂練習;對於較自信的孩子,會幫助他們增強自制力、專注力和組織能力。課程以小班授課(最多8名學生一組),導師會因應每位學生的個入特點和需求,編制富有趣味和互動性 的教材。
Lorna Whiston's Speech and Drama programmes aim to develop children's confidence as presenters and performers of spoken English in their early years.

Students come to us at very different levels of confidence and ability. For the very shy, we gently coax them into taking a more active role in lessons. For the more confident, we help students develop greater control, focus, structure and concentration. For all students, we make our programmes as fun, interactive and motivating as possible. Small classes (maximum of 8 students per group) mean that our trainers can get to know each child well, and cater to their individual characters and needs.

Each of our Speech and Drama lessons covers four key focus areas:

  • Communication Skills
  • Fluency Skills
  • Speech Development
  • Performance & Presentation.

Our students have the option to take the globally recognised Trinity College London (UK) Professional Young Performers Certificates. Our school is a registered Trinity Exam Centre in Hong Kong.
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