Lorna Whiston REAL Learning Curriculum TM

With the launch of our brand new centre, we are eager to share with you more information about Lorna Whiston's highly successful REAL Learning Curriculum , and to explain what makes our curriculum and approach to language teaching stand out from that of other language and tuition centres.

隨著我們開設全新的學習中心,我們渴望與您分享更多有關Lorna Whiston成功的REAL Learning Curriculum TM,分享為何我們的語言教學課程及方法能在其他英語學習中心中脫穎而出。

What do you mean by REAL Learning?
什麼是REAL Learning?

REAL Learning TM is a term coined by Lorna Whiston Schools to reflect the unique, interactive and meaningful approach to English language teaching that we practise throughout our schools.

Many tuition centres focus on the skills of memorisation and regurgitation. Typically, children are encouraged to recite lists of verbs, memorise vocabulary lists and rote-learn whole phrases and paragraphs that they churn out in a robotic and meaningless way. The result? Bored learners, boring lessons, children who learn without understanding, and kids who are unable to communicate effectively with others. Lorna Whiston REAL Learning Curriculum TM aims to change all that. REAL Learning TM is a carefully researched approach to teaching and learning that encourages even our very youngest learners to communicate with confidence and flair.

REAL Learning TM 由Lorna Whiston學校所創,反映出實踐在我們學校中的英語教學方法: 獨特、互動且有意義。很多英語學習中心著重於熟記技能,鼓勵孩子背誦動詞表、記住生字表及死記硬背整個詞組或段落,使他們如機械人般無意義地寫出詞句。結果?學生感到沈悶、課堂變得乏味、兒童囫囵吞棗、無法與他人有效地溝通。Lorna Whiston的REAL Learning Curriculum TM 期望改變這個狀況。REAL Learning TM 是一種經過仔細研究的教學及學習方法,鼓勵我們的年幼學生帶著自信及創意去溝通。

An early start is best

Fundamental to our REAL Learning Curriculum TM is the belief that the earlier children start to learn English, the better. Young children are very receptive to the skill of language learning and are able to pick up languages by engaging in informal, play-based activities so long as they are carefully scaffolded by the teacher in a way that will develop their understanding and language skills. In doing so, they are able to use the same innate language learning strategies to learn English as they use to pick up their mother tongue language .

我們的REAL Learning Curriculum TM 相信孩子越早開始學習英語越好只要老師悉心地照顧幼兒,培養他們的理解及語言能力,幼兒其實樂於接收的語言學習技巧,並能通過參與輕鬆、以遊戲為主的活動來掌握語言。這樣,他們便能如學習母語一樣,用同樣固有的語言學習方法學會英語。

Languages are learnt in stages

Another founding principle of our REAL Learning Curriculum TM is the notion that early language development takes place in stages.

我們的REAL Learning Curriculum TM 另一項創立原則是,早期語言發展是分成不同階段。

The Beginning Stage

When babies learn their first language, there is a silent period, when they listen and communicate through facial expressions or gestures before they begin to speak. When young children learn English, there may be a similar silent period during which they are absorbing the language but not yet speaking in it. During this time, a teacher's and / or parent's role is to provide a good language model for the child, and lots of opportunities for children to listen to and absorb language without forcing them to speak.


Beginning to talk

After some time, depending on the frequency of exposure to English, a child will start to say single words (cat, house) or ready-made short phrases (What's that? My teddy!). These will be words and phrases the child has heard a number of times, and they represent the very beginnings of language production.


Building up English language

With the right sort of learning environment and language models, a child will soon begin to build up their knowledge of words and phrases and will begin to use English more and more. The rate of language acquisition varies from child to child, and should not be rushed: with the support offered by our REAL Learning Curriculum TM , all normal functioning children should be able to make visible progress with their English language learning within a relatively short space of time.

在正確的學習環境和語言模式下,孩子很快便開始擴大他們對詞組的認識,並且開始越來越多使用英語。孩子對語言掌握程度各有不同,而且不應該過於著急:伴隨著我們REAL Learning Curriculum TM 所提供的支援,一般孩子都應能在較短的時間之內,在英語學習上獲得可見的進展。

Quality Teaching, Quality Learning

In order to learn English successfully, children need a knowledge of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and an extensive vocabulary. They also need lots of positive modeling, feedback and reinforcement from their teachers, and they need to feel happy and secure in their learning environment. At Lorna Whiston English, we invest heavily in training our teachers so that our students get only the very best early language learning experiences, and we select teachers for their nurturing and caring approach.

為了成功地學習英語,孩子需要學習音系學、形態學、句法、語義學和廣泛的詞彙。同時,他們需要許多從老師而來的正面榜樣、反饋意見及肯定,且需要在學習環境裡感到愉快和安全。在Lorna Whiston English,我們投放大量資源訓練老師,使學生得到最好的早期語言學習經驗。我們亦以培育和關顧學生的方針挑選老師。

A stimulating learning environment

Young children need space to explore, discover and create. Our classrooms at Lorna Whiston English are bright, colourful and spacious. Moreover, they are well-equipped with age-appropriate books and learning materials that support children's language learning.

幼兒需要空間去探索、發現及創造。Lorna Whiston English的教室明亮、寬敞且色彩繽紛。而且,教室配置了適合不同年齡的書本,及有助兒童學習材料。我們十分鼓勵學生每次下課後從我們的圖書角挑選不同書籍,外借回家,享受閱讀的樂趣。

REAL Learning Content
REAL Learning內容

We offer programmes for 18 months all the way up to six years old. Children can opt for English Enrichment, Speech and Drama or both. Each programme has been carefully designed and written by our very own in-house team of native speaker curriculum developers, ensuring that your child gets a REAL Learning TM experience that is second to none.

我們為18個月至六歲大的孩子提供不同課程。孩子可選擇報讀英語精研班、朗誦/演講和戲劇班,或同時報讀。每個課程由我們以英語為母語的課程發展團隊仔細地設計,確保孩子能得到無可媲美的REAL Learning TM 體驗。

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