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LW 英語精硏班是專為1歳半至6歳幼童而設的課程,好奇心和想像力是與生俱來的,透過課程可激發孩童的思考和創造力,並建立對學習的積極態度,為未來奠定良好的教育基礎。

Lorna Whiston's English Enrichment programmes for 18 months to 6 year olds are designed to help lay the foundation for children's future education by developing their curiosity and imagination, and by nurturing a positive attitude towards learning that will last a lifetime.

Reading is a strong part of our enrichment programmes and our students are surrounded by a print - rich environment with plenty of interesting books to encourage the development of their reading skills. Our objective is to instill a love of reading in all our young students.
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