About Us
Founded in Singapore in 1980 by award winning UK educator Lorna Whiston.

Well established English education centre with over 35 years of experience and branches throughout Singapore, Malaysia, China, and now Hong Kong.

Lorna Whiston has trained over 3000 teachers in Asia. Links with the University of York, UK and Open University, Malaysia Specially trained and passionate native English speaking teachers from countries like the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Leading education provider of English language programmes for children in Asia.

Unique curriculum tailor-made to meet our students needs. Spacious and comfortable environment, over 3000 square feet, located in the heart of the West Kowloon Golden Circle with convenient transport, commercial and cultural privileges.

由享負盛名、獲獎無數的英國資深教育家Lorna Whiston女士於1980年在新加坡創辦。

一所完善優良的英語教育中心,累積三十年豐富教學經驗,校舍分佈新加坡、馬來西亞、 中國,今年首次來港辦學。

Lorna Whiston於亞洲培訓出超過三千名教師。


老師以英語為母語 (NET) ,主要來自英國、美國, 澳洲、紐西蘭 及加拿大,遠赴新加坡總校接受訓練,充滿教學熱誠和經驗。



What we stand for
Our Vision
To be the leading education provider of language programmes for children and adults in Asia.
Our Mission
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd aims to be the leader in providing quality English Language teaching and training, to improve and enhance the English language knowledge and experience of young people, so that they may excel in the twenty-first century's bi-lingual and multi-cultural environment.
Our Values
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd achieves quality business strategies and processes that are open, honest and accountable and which achieve economic viability, without compromising our stated values or the needs and rights of stakeholders, customers and providers.
Lorna Whiston Schools puts the child first. Our commitment to educational excellence lies behind every decision that is made.
As we grow and diversify, we take great care not to lose sight of the high quality of educational programmes and teachers that have been our trademark for so many years.
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd 致力成為全球首屈一指的英語教育機構,提供優質英語學習課程,以提升年輕人的英語水平,使他們在二十一世紀,雙語及多元文化的環境下有更優越的發展。
Lorna Whiston Schools Pte Ltd採取高質素營運政策及手法,並確保一切公開、誠實、可靠,堅守既有價值觀,保障持份者、顧客及經營者的整體利益,滿足各方的需要。

Lorna Whiston Schools以孩子為先,所作的每個決定都是為了履行「提供優質教育」的承諾。

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