Our elementary level classes are thematic: the children recite longer rhymes and poems, articulate speech sounds fully and use their oral language skills to solve problems posed by role-play adventures.
Students begin to work in pairs and small groups on simple presentations, and explore the techniques of voice projection. Puppetry is introduced.
Age Group
Level 1
4 - 5 year olds - Kindergarten 2
Each week, students are immersed in speech and drama through an interesting theme. They enjoy communication games, inspired discussions, speech training and role play adventures, as well as taking part in both individual and group performances.
Level 2
5 - 6 year olds - Kindergarten 3
Students work towards longer, more sustainable presentations of rhymes and poems. In addition, they are encouraged to use their oral language skills to solve problems posed through role-play adventures, and explore techniques of voice projection.
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