Each of our Speech and Drama lessons covers four key focus areas:

Communication Skills
We open each lesson with a communicative activity that serves as an ice-breaker, helping the children to relax in each others presence.

Fluency Skills
At this stage of the lesson, the children engage in a guided discussion or, at older levels, a mini debate, around a specific theme.

Speech Development
Pronunciation, expression, clarity, pitch, volume, tone and pace are just some of the areas covered by the speech development focus of the lesson.

Performance & Presentation
The children work towards an age-appropriate presentation or performance through which they practise the skills they have been focussing on.
A recent survey conducted by the Times of London found that what most people fear more than anything else in the world, including death, taxes, bankruptcy, snakes, prison, rats or even the dark, is making a presentation in front of other people!

At Lorna Whiston, we believe that if this fear can be overcome when children are young, they will grow up to be more fluent and more expressive communicators.

Our Speech and Drama programmes aim to lay these important early foundations by developing childrens confidence as presenters and performers of spoken English.

Students come to us at very different levels of confidence and ability. For the very shy, we gently coax them into taking a more active role in lessons. For the more confident, we help the students develop greater control, focus, structure and concentration. For all students, we make our programmes as fun, interactive and motivating as possible. Small classes (maximum of 12 students per group) mean that our trainers can get to know each child well, and cater to their individual character and needs.

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