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Course Fees for English Enrichment
Little Explorers, Nursery 1, Kindergarten 1, 2 & 3

Little Explorers(LE) 2 hoursTwice a weekHKD4800
Nursery 1 2 hoursOnce a weekHKD2400
Kindergarten 1 2 hoursOnce a weekHKD2400
Kindergarten 2 2 hoursOnce a weekHKD2400
Kindergarten 3 2 hoursOnce a weekHKD2400

Course Fees for Speech and Drama
Early Bird Level 1 & 2, Elementary Levels 1, 3 & 3

Early Bird Level 11 hourOnce a weekHKD1200
Early Bird Level 21 hourOnce a weekHKD1200
Elementary (Level 1)1.5 hoursOnce a weekHKD1800
Elementary (Level 2)1.5 hoursOnce a weekHKD1800

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