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Our Nursery children enjoy experiential learning in a secure and stimulating environment. We approach language learning with these very young learners though carefully selected stories, songs, rhymes and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to the children's interests and suit their relatively short concentration spans.
The teachers who work with these very young learners are carefully selected not only for their qualifications, but also for their warm and caring approach. Our teachers go to great lengths to ensure that each child's individual abilities and needs are met.
By the end of our Nursery programme, we aim for the students to be able to:
  • recognize and name some of the letters of the alphabet
  • recognise their own name
  • recognise rhythm and recite familiar songs, finger plays and poems
  • appreciate stories and respond verbally to a simple picture story
  • relate to other children well through parallel play, and express themselves in ways that are socially acceptable
  • learn appropriate behaviors on controlling emotions
  • listen to others and participate co-operatively in group activities
  • work on pencil grip to draw, and to form lines and circles
  • attempt fine motor skills activities (e.g. threading, jigsaws, colouring, painting, playdough)
  • share their personal experiences with others in simple sentences
  • use simple vocabulary to name objects and convey wants and needs
  • understand simple directions and common phrases used in routine situations
  • complete classification activities (e.g. colours, shapes, objects)
  • use language confidently to communicate with others
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