"My oldest son, who is serving his NS, was a LWSC student for 6 years and now my youngest daughter attends K1 classes. I firmly believe that the unique curriculum at Lorna Whiston has enriched and nurtured my kids... all of them are very motivated to attend classes."
Mrs C Sugianto, mother of six, who has sent all her children aged 5 to 18 years to Lorna Whiston since 1990.
English Enrichment Programme
for Kindergarten 1
The teachers who work with these very young learners are carefully selected not only for their qualifications, but also for their warm and caring approach ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Kindergarten 2
Our Kindergarten 2 programme aims to nurture a foundational love of books and reading. Each lesson is centred around an exciting story, and the children enjoy a whole host of language development activities ...
English Enrichment Programme
for Kindergarten 3
Kindergarten 3 is an important year for our students, as it is the year when they start preparing in earnest for their transition to ...
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